Website Terms of Use

CHS Spring Show 2021

  • This website has been set up by Calverley Horticultural Society to host a one-off Spring Show.
  • This website accepts entries to the show in the form of pictures and text for subsequent display to the general public. To prevent uploads of inappropriate material, this site requires anyone wishing to submit entries to:
    1. register for an account, providing their name and an email address
    2. log in using that account
    3. not attempt to circumvent the security measures of the site
    4. agree not to post inappropriate pictures or text, i.e. anything which may be offensive, illegal or breaches copyright laws
    5. accept that their entries will be moderated before appearing on the site by the show organisers, who reserve the right to reject individual entries or block the access of users not complying with these terms. The organisers' judgement is final.
  • The email provided as part of the registration process will not be shared with anyone else or retained after the end of the show. It will be used to send a password reset link if a user forgets their password and may be used during the show to communicate with entrants.
  • Members of the same household may share an account, e.g. where children do not have their own email address. In this case, the name provided during registration should indicate that it is a shared account, e.g. 'Smith Family'. If desired, this can be overridden on individual entries to show who is actually submitting them, e.g. 'Albert Smith'.
  • Entrants retain the rights to the images submitted to the site. However, the show organisers may use these images, including in printed form, as part of a longer term record of the show and to promote subsequent shows, particularly the Centenary Show scheduled for 2021. If this is a problem, please contact the show organisers via the Contact Us link on the site.